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Mexia LTC News

This week at Mexia LTC we started off with in-room activities of choice on Monday. We were to read Bible study notes sent by Bob Kersten on Tuesday on each hall. Residents will enjoy coloring and watching TV in their rooms on Wednesday.


Dear Heloise: I realize people are not visiting each other’s homes as often as they did before the pandemic. However, when we get back to normal, I have a hint for anyone who has unexpected company. First, invest in a wok. This will allow you to have healthy meals that taste great! When people are coming over at dinnertime, you can cut up lots of veggies and a couple of chicken breasts (cut up into smaller bite sizes), or use leftover meat if you have a enough, add to the wok with about 1 tablespoon of oil and stir fry a delicious meal. I always have instant rice in the cupboard and usually cook up 2 or 3 cups of dry rice. You can add a fruit salad or do something creative with another side dish, and you’ll have a tasty meal, low in calories and very healthy. -- Janice W., Ponca City, Oklahoma


Dear Heloise: I could never use up all of my flour in only a couple of weeks, so before long, I had bugs in my flour. Now I either keep it in the refrigerator or freeze it. If I freeze my flour, I have to wait until it’s room temperature before I use it. But at least I don’t have bugs! -- Diana W., Ashland, Wisconsin


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