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Dear Heloise: Here’s a few really easy hints that have made life a little easier for me. First, I often see people struggling to open up the skimpy produce bags at the grocery store by licking their fingers to get a better hold on the opening of the bag. Ew! When you head into the store, grab a wet wipe from your car or at the front of the store in order to wet your fingers. If you are in the produce section and don’t have access, then pick up a water- sprayed produce item first (I always go for the cilantro) and then bag it. From there, get whatever else you’re buying and touch your cilantro purchase to freshly wet your fingers before you open the next plastic storage bag. Don’t lick your fingers! Second, a rather simple way to contain the different sized rubber bands in the kitchen junk drawer: String them on a large safety pin. You can easily slip whatever size you need off the pin and re-clasp it. Thanks, Heloise, for all the handy tips and great recipes. Regards! Sheryl Odgers, Bella Vista, Arkansas




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