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Four simple ways men can take control of their health today

June 2021 Monthly Health Article There is a long-standing perception that women tend to focus on their health more than men do. Unfortunately, it’s a perception that rings all too true. A survey cited in a 2019 article from AARP found that only half of the men surveyed get regular check-ups and 72 percent preferred household chores over going to the doctor. While it’s true that women are more accustomed to regular doctor visits from an early age, it’s not an excuse for men to take their eye off the ball when it comes to their health.



Dear Heloise: I had your pamphlet on vinegar, and it was a lifesaver. It included not only household hints but recipes as well. One of our favorite recipes was the one for your coleslaw. I referred back to it on many occasions for help. When we moved, the pamphlet got lost, and I can’t remember all the ingredients in this yummy side dish. Please, would you reprint this dish for all of us who love coleslaw? -- Ashley K., New Berlin, Wis.


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