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Wildfire risk remains high in much of state

Much of the state remains at considerable risk for wildfires through this week, largely because of higher-than-usual temperatures and drought conditions. More than 40% of the state is suffering extreme drought conditions, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor. Nearly the entire state is in some form of drought, with much of the Panhandle, High Plains and west central Texas most at risk.

Free men will always rebuild

Everybody I talk to thinks we are in the worst situation we have ever been in this country. However, as Darrell Royal used to say, “it’s hard to argue how poor you are when you’ve got a ham strapped on your back.” We have what others around the world dream about, being a U.S. citizen and yet only half of us vote in a presidential election and less than 10% in a bond election where each citizen will be obligated to pay back millions in debt. ompared to the rest of the world, we are floating on a cloud and complaining about why it can’t be perfect.


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