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Pay now or pay later

The world is soon coming down to a big decision, what price is it willing to pay to maintain a world of stable rules and practices. After the carnage of WWII, international organizations were created to prevent the carnage of another international conflict. We’ve had regional wars and genocidal conflicts, but not the big one.

The Stigma Enigma

People say that the first step to fixing a problem is admitting that there IS a problem. That is a good starting place for some problems but when someone has gone through a horrific trauma or loss, saying that they might have a “mental health problem” is exponentially more difficult to admit. In this world of political correctness versus our rights to free speech, admitting to crippling anxiety, deep dark depression or significant alcohol or drug abuse stops many from seeking help that could be life-saving. That which holds many people back from getting help is the stigma that is placed on people with mental health disorders.


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