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Five ways local businesses can make a positive community impact

Local businesses provide a host of benefits for communities across the nation, contributing to a diverse and dynamic marketplace that strengthens and reinforces ethical business practices. In addition to the charm and personality local businesses add to a community, they also provide practical benefits such as economic and charitable contributions. As they grow and succeed, local businesses bolster the surrounding area and can make a positive impact on their community in five main ways.

Absent lawmakers stymie special session

Nearly 60 Texas House Democrats left the state last Monday for Washington, D.C. in an effort to stop passage of a Republican-led elections bill. This in effect blocks all legislation since the House doesn’t have a quorum present. As the Austin American Statesman and other media outlets reported, Gov. Greg Abbott has threatened to arrest the absent lawmakers upon their return. While in Washington, the legislators have met with Vice President Kamala Harris and several Democratic senators to push passage of a federal elections bill that is currently stalemated.


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