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Limestone gets 15th COVID-19 case

But only two cases active

By Roxanne Thompson

A new COVID-19 virus case was recognized in Limestone County Friday afternoon, and with one active case cycling out of quarantine, that leaves only two active cases, according to Limestone County Emergency Management Director Matt Groveton. 

The new case is a 45-year-old woman who lives in Mexia. Her positive case is not the result of the two recent day-long testing events held in Groesbeck on April 30 and in Mexia on May 6. 

“This positive result comes from the COVID - 19 virus that continues to linger within one family in Mexia,” Groveton said. “Again, it’s important to remember that the number 15 is cumulative originating from the very beginning of this episode. Almost every one of the total recorded cases are now in the “recovered” window.” 

Cases of COVID in Limestone have slowed significantly, Groveton noted, and he considers this latest case an anomaly based on the circumstances of a close proximity spread and specific details that HIPAA prevents him from revealing. 

“This case could cut both ways, with additional investigation under way as I write this,” he said in a Facebook post on the Emergency Management Facebook page. “We have to continue honest efforts to deal with this public health crisis and not rule anything in or out.

Groveton strongly encouraged county residents to continue wearing protective face masks, washing their hands and practicing social distancing. 

“We are on a steady course to eventual normalcy,” he concluded. “Let’s not derail all the work we’ve done by getting lazy and reckless. Let’s continue to work together to hold the line.”

Mexia City Manager Eric Garretty noted the new case discovered in Mexia Friday. He had been delighted Thursday that Mexia’s active COVID-19 cases had dropped to zero, but was resolute that the city would follow its established protocol for responding to the virus.

"Our Quarantine Team is currently implementing our quarantine protocol for this case,” he said, noting the woman is cooperating with Mexia’s Quarantine Team and is able to isolate away from the rest of her family. The Local Health Authority, Dr. Kevin Jensen, has ordered the patient to self-quarantine for 14 days.

The results of the 113 people tested for COVID-19 Wednesday by the National Guard Mobile Testing Team were taken directly to a state lab in Austin after the event concluded. 

“We should get a summary report from the lab, i.e., the number of positive and negative tests, by Monday, May 11. If any positive cases are identified from Mexia, our Quarantine Team will be notified, and we will implement our quarantine protocol for these cases, as needed.

"All indications are that the spread of COVID-19 in our community is decreasing,” Garretty concluded. “However, our first-responders remain ready and able to respond as these individual cases occur." 

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