Breaking out a plan: Callis provides details for moving the courthouse records to old jail

By Roxanne Thompson
While Limestone County commissioners have agreed to use the old jail for document storage, moving the 10s of thousands of documents from the courthouse to the former jail is a complex matter, according to Sam Callis, Maintenance supervisor.
Callis spoke at length at the May 22 meeting and also delivered letters – explaining the scope of the work required – to each commissioner, department head and most elected officials; but much more than that, he suggested a restructuring of the Maintenance Department since it is at “workload capacity.”
The main physical problems at the courthouse are the foundation slab being out of grade and broken or missing mortar in the brick exterior, which allows water to enter the building.
“If not addressed, we will have eventual mold issues, slip-and-fall liabilities will increase, and plumbing and electrical issues will ensue,” he said in his letter.
The recently awarded $313,467 grant from the State Historical Commission will be used to repair these foundation and mortar issues, but the grant stipulates that all the work must be under contract by Oct. 27.

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