High-speed rail opponent attorney sees progress

By Roxanne Thompson
Staff Writer
Dallas attorney and Limestone County landowner Blake Beckham gave Limestone County commissioners news of progress in the fight against the proposed high-speed railway between Dallas and Houston.
Beckham, of the law firm The Beckham Group, gave his report at the Dec. 28 commissioners court meeting, noting he has represented Limestone as well as other counties in their opposition to the high-speed rail project before the Service Transportation Board in Washington, D.C.
Beckham’s land, on the east side of Limestone County, would be one of those directly affected.
“I love my land,” he said, “and all the rural people I’ve met have a real affinity with their own land. The cities say, ‘Who cares, we’re just going through some guy’s ranch,’ but that’s been in his family for 100 years. They don’t understand heritage and family pride in property.”
Beckham is working pro bono, that is, at no charge; and he has many volunteers working with him. His group has paid for help from specialty, environmental lawyers in Washington, lobbyists in Austin, and public relations personnel in Washington, DC., he noted.

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