Where is the compassion and integrity

Dear Editor,
I work in the property preservation field performing repairs, maintenance, etc. on foreclosures. I recently received an assignment in Thornton. On arrival, I found cats inside and outside the home. The real estate agent assigned to the property had not addressed it two weeks earlier when he had been there and now I am here.
I called the Sheriff’s [Office] who referred me to LARA’s House for some help. While I am trying to find someone to help me help them, the neighbor stops by to investigate my purpose on-site. After we had sufficiently determined that I was supposed to be there he began to give me some background on his ex-next door neighbor. His account, verified by the detective investigating the animal cruelty complaint I called in, was basically that the person moved out a month prior and left 50-60 cats. They did not call anyone, they just left. He, also, did not call anyone. He decided to shoot approximately 40 of them, by his own account, in that month the property was vacant.
So, now I call LARA’S House who tells me that they will not only take the cats but will help me trap them. I am ecstatic at this point. So, LH sends out two people for about an hour and they trap one cat and take it back to the shelter. That is a start and better than nothing I am thinking. They never had anyone else available to help I was told so I go out there one day and trap one more and take it to the shelter and put it the same cage with the first one (never signing a surrender form in case I come back to take them to my house should I need to). Then I go back another day for about 3.5 to 4 hours and trap five more, but sustain a fairly nasty bite in the process.
Having already been told I can house the cats there, I notify them that I am in route and was given less than a warm reception by the director, who apparently had been on vacation and was unaware of this particular situation. Finally, she said okay and told me that one of the attendants would meet me at the gate since it was after hours.
When the attendant showed up at the gate she informed me the director did not want feral cats at the shelter (not much of a “rescue” facility then is it?) so she was taking them to her house to tame them down. I was told this is common practice there. After not allowing the attendant to transport the cats to her residence in the back of her uncovered pickup, she let me follow her to her house where she was to be handling the cats. I told her I had been bitten and that I could come back for the cats after I made accommodations at my house, if need be. I never signed a surrender form. I was told the cats would be vetted, spayed/neutered, etc. if they stayed there.
Being a 501(c)3 facility and having rules and regulations to follow, I did not foresee any problems with the quarantine procedures status post a bite from an non-vaccinated animal. I could not have been more wrong and completely taken aback by what occurred next.
I called to check on all the cats and the first day was told they were scared but okay. When I checked the second time, nobody wanted to tell me anything. Longer story short, they say they sent the five from the attendants house to Amarillo for two or three months with her friends and the two beautiful babies at the shelter they let go at a barn to be “mousers.” All of them non-vaccinated and not neutered or spayed. They would not give me contact info to the Amarillo people and would not tell me where they dumped the other two. That lands me in the category for qualifying for the rabies vaccination series. But more so, it leaves me appalled and sick at my stomach at the behavior of all these cold hearted, deceitful people.
I have since been back to the property and trapped three more which came back with me and have seen approximately four more that I will try to catch this week. All of that being said just to finally say this: What is wrong with people?! You don’t have to be a hard core animal lover, just try being a decent human being!
I hope the shelter is investigated for it’s policy violations and it’s treatment of the animals they receive because there is nothing ethical or compassionate about the behavior I have seen!
Mickey Bowen