Domestic violence – A cycle of violence

By Roxanne Thompson
Staff Writer
A common case among those prosecuted by the Limestone County Attorney’s Office is domestic violence, which can be difficult on many levels.
Assistant County attorneys Beth Toben and Jeff Janes spoke on this subject to the Rotary Club of Mexia, not just to talk about their jobs but to increase awareness of domestic violence, which is often either unrecognized or even denied by people who experience it or see it in their friends or co-workers.
Whether called family violence, domestic violence, spousal abuse or another name, the problem happens when one partner in a relationship uses assaultive, coercive behavior to gain or maintain control over the other person, Toben said.
Statistics from 2015 show that one out of four women in their lifetime will be the object of severe physical violence by an intimate partner, she noted. The statistic is true also for one out of seven men.

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